Buying and Selling Real Estate Solutions

Almost Home specializes in Rent to Own programs and Real Estate Marketing catered to you and your family's specific needs.

Havin trouble qualifying for a mortgage? Need to sell now without the stress of selling? Is your home going to foreclosure? Our work is to do whatever it takes to help sustain your peace during those seasons so you can give your energy to the valuable things in life.

Not Sure Where to start? Give us a call, We'll give you the help you need.

" We qualify the unqualified"

In Traditional situations where everyone is looking out for themselves to get the best deal, We at Almost Home put "You" at the forefront of our minds.

This is the program designed just for you!

No Mortgage? No Problem

With us you aren't spending thousands of your hard earned income to pay for someone else's lifestyle and build their legacy. With Almost Home you can start building your own, but even better, you get to save up for your future down payment and/or build credit while living in your dream home that you're renting from us.

You can take over the mortgage when you're ready, renew if you need more time, or walk away if it isn't working.

"You're Almost Home"

Almost Home is for more than just seeing you in a home, but for seeing you succeed in building your family legacy of ownership

What's Your Unique Storyline

Self - Employed or New Job

Can’t get a mortgage because you started your own business or started a new job? You have used your gifts to serve your people, now we'll use ours to serve you. Why? Because you deserve a home too.

Bad Landlords and High Rents

Landlords and rent can be a terrible combination? The hard earned income you spend in 3 to 5 years of renting could've bought you a house? Well, we'll make sure you get paid in equity.

Rough Credit

Either you, or someone you know destroyed your credit. To us you're not just a report, you're a person. To us, your journey to mastering homeownership can still happen even with bad credit.


Don't Lose the house, use the house. Life happened and now you're getting put out. We're putting our knowledge to work on your circumstance to bring peace back to you and your family's situation.

Not Enough Downpayment

You don't know you need to save, until you need to save. This is why our program allows for your rent payments to be built right into your Almost Home savings plan. We want you to be able to save between 7% to 10% towards your future down payment.

Need To Try Before You Buy

You've moved to a new location or even new to the country, we can still get you that house. What if life happens and something changes? Well we factor in "life happens" with our program for you. This way you're not locked in. You're in control of the choice to stay in your program, or walk out if you have to. That's freedom.

We Do Not Build To Be Served, but Almost Home Builds To Serve

Trust Us

Almost Home LLC is a community based company providing real homeowner options for hard working community people that desire to begin their family's legacy and wealth with owning their first home.

We are dedicated to helping individuals with their own unique stories that builds a bigger story. Mastering homeownership while providing exceptional opportunities to community contributors to see their own communities flourish because we don't believe in losing our neighborhoods, but learning to use our neighborhoods to build wealth.

Almost Home offers our Rent to Own Program and other Real Estate solutions for individuals who have struggles buying and even when individuals struggle selling.

Trust The Process

  • Complete Application

Fill out our simple quick and easy pre-qualification form that has no affect on your credit.

  • Meet with a lending specialist

Get to know one of our Hometown Hero lenders, that will help us understand your current financial standing to make the best purchase option

  • Find Your Dream Home

Partner with a hometown hero agent to find your dream home. Choose any home that qualifies with your pre - approved plan

  • We buy the Home

We'll purchase the home in cash and cover the fees, closing costs, taxes, and insurance. All we need is the one time Option Consideration.

  • Live, Repair, and Save

Start saving, start building up your credit, start renovating, start believing that you are a homeowner, because you are.

  • Decide To Own

Buy the home, or simply walk away. That's freedom.

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